Melissa P. Burt

Not only do I love houses and get to view them nearly every day, but the real joy for me is the people-their story. I get to be part of their process, their journey and that is pretty amazing. 

I love to hear the children rush in to pick out which room is going to be whose, and what color they are going to paint their walls. Or when a young couple is looking for their very first place and the wife expresses how she can’t wait to cook their first meal there and begging her husband for a farmhouse table to eat on. Then, there are the times that I get to show land to the dreamers who are excited to build their home and the dad describes his excitement to take the kids out on their first hunt or fishing in the pond. Its amazing when I get the privilege to work with folks that have worked hard their whole life and finally take the plunge and downsizing to travel or move closer to their grandkids. Some clients are adventurers and are buying a place to get-a-way on the Elk River or Tim’s Ford Lake. Each and every one of the people have a story, a dream, and I am honored to be a part of that. After all, a house is just a house, but a home is where their story begins.

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