Welcome to Burt & Co!

Hi there, and welcome to the official first blog of Melissa Burt! I’d like to take a moment to just simply introduce myself to those who don’t know me yet. I am passionate about a few things, my Faith, my Family, and my new Firm! My Faith keeps me sane, my family makes me happy, and my firm is my passion! 
I have been living and breathing Real Estate for 11 years now, and have been so blessed to be working in a field that I enjoy and love. I started with a real estate franchise and have stayed on that path for the last 11 years. In January God started to lead me in my heart that it was time to break out of the mold, and go a different direction. A direction that would allow me to have the freedom to run the business they way I knew would serve my clients and my community best. This was a huge decision, but once I committed to the change I knew that it was truly the beginning of something beautiful. With my marketing and design background, this new freedom to create, advertise and market homes the way I feel is best, is such a joy! My mind has been freed and now I feel the possibilities are endless! So, in a few words, I am so excited to take this new journey, and I’m happy to have you along with me… to see just what we can accomplish together. So sit back, hold on, and prepare for an exciting new adventure! 
The logo itself for those who are curious and have been asking me what does it mean, what does it stand for?  It is a boxwood wreath, the circle represents eternity, the green is evergreen and everlasting, and the wreath means all are welcome here. I couldn’t think of a better, more fitting design for Burt & Co.!